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Anonymous asked: Will you continue this blog even after Homestuck ends?

I think I’ve answered this question before, but yes, it will continue. It will probably be less active after the end, but I do intend to continue it until one year after Homestuck has ended.

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Paradox Space

A young reader stands in a webcomic.

A brand new webcomic, to be exact. One that has launched on the 5th anniversary of Homestuck’s first page. If the thirteenth of April holds a magical place in your heart, then chances are, you are on pins and needles waiting for me to post the end of the story. It will still be quite some time before that happens. I’ve had too much else going on to be able to attack the remaining content with the ferocity that has been characteristic of my update schedule over the years. It is nothing short of The Greatest Tragedy that a beloved story is held hostage to the ability of a single artist to continue creating it. Which brings us to the website called Paradox Space, and the chapter it will represent in Homestuck’s extended life cycle.

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