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ribbonripple asked: So now here comes the TiH gigapause. See you in a year??

Oh, we’re not going anywhere. Business as usual until Homestuck ends. I mean, there won’t be any new stuff for at least a year due to the gigapause, but we’ll still be reblogging old stuff like normal.

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Rachel from WhatPumpkin promised she would give us the word when the Upd8 is coming

The word has been given

Homestuck Fandom: Prepare Yourself

Exciting news, if it is indeed indicative of what it appears to be. Rachel hasn’t made any followup comments, so take it as you will (but preferably with a huge grain of salt).

At this time, we’d like to remind everyone again to please be respectful of the fact that Hussie is a very busy man, that these pages will serve as a buffer as he works on the rest of the comic, and we ask that you please not be impatient with him, as the update schedule (whenever updates do resume) will very likely be far less frequent than it used to be.

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